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Residential Projects

ResinRock Systems is perfect for stairs, stoops, porches, patios, balconies,
driveways, sidewalks, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, utility rooms, solariums - wherever you live and play!

Don't replace the concrete ... resurface with the ResinRock Systems!



ResinRock Systems will renew the appearance of a structurally sound concrete staircase.



ResinRock Systems renewal of a concrete stoop.



ResinRock Systems applied to a walkway

Benefits of a Bonded Decorative Stone Floor:


CONCRETE RESTORATION WITHOUT REMOVAL: ResinRock is used to resurface worn or damaged areas. Beautiful, long lasting results are obtained without the time, expense and mess created with replacing the surface.

DECORATIVE: Distinctive beauty from a variety of natural or custom colors and textures.

LOW COST INSTALLATION: ResinRock costs less than terrazzo, flagstone, slate, brick, or tile. It is also easier to maintain.

EASY CLEANING: An occasional washing with a garden hose will keep ResinRock Systems surfaces beautiful for years.

SAFETY: Prevents slips, trips and falls


EXTREME DURABILITY: ResinRock has been tested and will resist freeze / thaw, and has been effectively used in practically all climates and hundreds of different applications, BOTH INTERIOR AND/OR EXTERIOR APPLICATIONS.

STAIN RESISTANCE: Oil, grease, gasoline, etc. will clean up easily, making ResinRock a natural for driveways.

REPAIR: ResinRock has a distinct advantage over concrete, which can crack over time, due to movement. ResinRock can repair such cracks and general deterioration with materials that can aesthetically match.

CREATIVELY FLEXIBLE: ResinRock Systems allow you to create patterns, logo’s, borders, letters, and numbers, as well as apply redwood or terrazzo strips for a decorative effect.

Residential Epoxy Projects

Epoxy chip floor

Renew your garage, basement or kitchen floor with a durable epoxy coating. Custom colors & blends, 150 colored flakes, 40 quartz colors, metallic, glitter and solid pigment colors.

Epoxy Solid Color Floor

Renew garage, basement, kitchen floors with a durable epoxy floor

Many options to choose from...