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ResinRock Systems colored stone options:

The ultimate surfacing material for pool decks, driveways, patios,  steps, walks, auto showrooms and so many other uses.
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Arkansas Rainbow

Razorback Red

Ozark Brown

 Multicolor Flint

Black Pearl (special order)

Custom mixes available

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ResinRock projects

ResinRock System applied to residential concrete stairs and stoop.
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Identify all areas of defect

Repair defects in structurally sound concrete to accept ResinRock Systems

ResinRock applied to horizontal and vertical riser

ResinRock Applied to vertical sides of the stairs

ResinRock System applied to concrete front stairs

ResinRock System applied to concrete front stairs and stoop

ResinRock System Applied to concrete stoop

ResinRock System finished product

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ResinRock Systems

Commercial applications
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Prep structurally sound concrete

ResinRock Systems bonded to the concrete

Final Decorative Stone ResinRock Systems

Commercial stairs

Prep commercial floor

ResinRock Systems being installed

ResinRock Systems final product

Custom designs and logos

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Commercial, Industrial & Residential  Epoxy Chip Floors

Custom colors & blends, 150 colored flakes, 40 quartz colors, metallic, glitter and solid pigment colors available